Hello World! Why Am I Writing a Blog?

For years I have felt the desire to write. At first I thought I would write a book; it would be about my life, my journey through depression, bi-polar, religion, being a mother, romantic partnerships, being a female business owner and the lessons I have learned as I felt I had something to say. Then I realized, while starting to write my book, that I was doing it to heal parts of me that needed healing. So I stopped writing and instead started another journey of self awareness. I have been learning so much, gaining so many tools and wisdom while doing my own work and removing blocks over the last several years.

So why am I now writing a blog? Well, the desire never left for me to share what I have learned in hopes that it would help others. What I have now realized is that a huge part of my passion lies in teaching women and helping them to see their own greatness and unique beauty. It is such a strong passion that I have incorporated it into my business (www.amandajoyco.com) and keep feeling the call to do more. So here is my blog, my YouTube channel (amandajoyloveland) , speaking engagements and soon workshops and retreats. I LOVE speaking and watching a room transform with having new thoughts and ideas. So you will definitely see me more and more of me in that space. I also wanted to have a place where I could share the vulnerabilities of being a female entrepreneur, CEO, mother, wife… who operates her life from a place of authenticity, spirituality, consciousness, intuition AND who is very human having a human experience.

My hope is that as I share my experiences they will connect to others who are looking for something but not sure what. I have a belief that we area all connected and that by speaking and sharing who I am and how I found my voice, how I learned to live my most authentic life, that it will allow others to do the same.

I love interaction, so I hope you will comment on my posts and share parts of you.

Sending love & light to you all!



This world is what you make it! So why not make it an amazing one and focus on the good.

Life your most authentic life, the life you want to live.

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